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Merry Christmas from the Bowman Family

family christmas photo

We took this picture at our church’s Christmas service last night.  My husband and I were looking at it on the way home and asking each other what thoughts came to mind when we looked at it.  One of his first words was ‘weathered’.  Mine was ‘aged’.  Both are true.  We have weathered alot over the years and that has aged us.  I’m totally OK with that.

Another word phrase that came to mind was ‘genuinely happy’.  We are.  We are truly happier now than we have ever been.  We are more in love with each other than we have ever been.  Being that we met at 16 and 17 years of age, that is really saying something!  I LOVE this man.  He LOVES me.  We have proven it more than once.  We have had to trust in it more than once.  We have weathered… and that has made us strong.

I see fruit when I see this picture.  I see four little ones (three that belong to us and one that belongs to our dear friends) – four little miracles, four little blessings of abundant joy.  I treasure their lives, so innocent, so pure.  I see a friendship that has bloomed with my daughter’s friend – so much so that she feels a part of our family.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I want my children’s friends to know they are welcome wherever we are.

I see unity when I look at this photo – one purpose, one call.  I see promise in each of my children’s futures.  I see learning as my youngest studies the hands of our friend and tries to make hers just like them.  I see 6 individual personalities with 6 six hearts beating wildly with love and passion.

As Christmas approaches, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for this moment, right here, right now.  I am so grateful to be present in this moment, to be fully awake for this moment, to be…. here.  I thank God daily that He woke me up – that he tore the blinders off of my eyes, that I’m no longer wandering my way through life.  I am uninterested in anything but what I have right now, and I have all that is important.  Love, life, hope.

I pray that this season is a season of being fully aware of all your blessings.  A season of being fully aware of what you have, not what you don’t have.  A season of joy.  A season full of love, full of life, and overflowing with the promise of hope for the future.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,



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