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Homemade Christmas Wrap Up

Ok, here are my thoughts after taking the challenge to do an all homemade Christmas this year.  Ready?

I loved it!!!!  The look on the faces of my family and friends as they received the gifts that we had personally made for them was priceless.  My husband said that it made him feel special because he knew that I was thinking of each person as I worked on their project – and I was.  Each stitch that went into sewing the infinity scarves, capes, and super hero masks was coupled with thoughts of that person.  What would they think about it?  What color would they like?  Would this be something they would want to wear?  My mind was also flooded with memories of times we had shared.  It was a very warming experience.  And, my own personal joy when I got to watch them open their gifts was overwhelming. Oh, and the quality time I got to spend with my own children while working together on projects was invaluable.  We got hours together working with our hands for our family.  They loved being able to say “I helped make that!”

I definitely think that I will do this again next year.  The only thing I will change is…. I’ll start in September!  I was up until 2am the night before we exchanged gifts with my family, sewing super hero capes and masks by hand!  I wasn’t about to have one kid not get their cape and mask.  The great news is next year will go much faster because I will be purchasing a sewing machine for myself in the very near future!  I think I stabbed myself with a needle no less than 200 times….

I am including some photos from our Christmas in this post.  Be looking for coming tutorials on the things I made.  Choose a couple of projects for yourself.  I guarantee you will enjoy it.  Plus you will save money and have the privilege of saying “I made that!”


DIY coffee mugs for grandfathers and dads


Felt masks for the kiddos


matching capes….took me forever by hand!!!


the boys reaction to putting on the masks and capes 🙂


baby headbands with fabric rosettes from upcycled tshirts


My sister wearing the infinity scarf we made for her. Sewed this one in the car on the way home 🙂


My mom wearing the paper bead necklaces we made.


The peppermint sugar scrub contained in upcycled jars 🙂



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