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Homeless Care Packets

Living in a major city with a large population, you are bound to encounter a significant homeless population on a day to day basis.  Usually you see them standing on the street corner with a sign asking for help.  I always want to help, however, living in our modern culture of debit cards and online payment systems, it is rare that I have cash on me.  Plus there is the argument of not knowing what the money would be used for.  I’ve heard many people express fear of feeding a drug or alcohol habit and feeling like that isn’t really helping them at all.  Then there is the concern that maybe you’ve been bamboozled and this guy isn’t really homeless at all.  Maybe he has a great big house in another city and has become a career beggar.  Maybe so….. possibly not.

So, here is a way that you can still help without just handing a dollar or so out the window.  This is also something that doesn’t cost much, your kids can participate in making it (a teachable moment), and you could band together with some friends to share the expense.

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Homeless Care Packets:

Dry snacks like granola bars, small cereal boxes, crackers, nuts, beef jerkey, etc (non-perishable)

hand wipes or hand sanitizer  *UPDATE* My brother-in-law works with a homeless ministry and he says don’t put bottles of hand sanitizer in the packets because they will drink it for the alcohol content.  He said to stick with just handy wipes. 

travel size toothpaste with toothbrush

juice box, Caprisun, or bottle of water


toilet paper

hat and gloves

clean socks

hand warmers (the little packets found in the camping section)

bible and word of encouragement

Place all the items in a gallon ziplock bag and keep in your car.  Next time you are stopped at a stoplight with someone asking for food, don’t hesitate.  Hand them a care package!  And say a prayer for their well being….  Remember, you can ALWAYS help someone.



2 comments on “Homeless Care Packets

  1. Fracture de nuit
    February 12, 2013

    In my church, they advice shampoo and soap too. You get a feeling of dignity when you are clean.
    The story about the guy begging but in fact very rich…it’s a tale mean people tell themselves to hide their selfishness.

    • annambowman
      February 12, 2013

      Good point! Travel size shampoo and soap would be a great addition! Thank you for the idea!

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