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The Trouble with Transition

So I haven’t posted since February!  Gracious!  I didn’t realize it had been that long.  A lot has changed since then….

image-4First, we now live back in our hometown.  It’s a long story of how we came to make this move, but nonetheless we are here.  We find ourselves in a position of seeking the Lord’s guidance on what direction we should go and trust completely that He will answer.


little ballerina

Since moving here we have reconnected with our families and some friends.  Brad has gotten to speak at several local churches.  He is grateful for the opportunity to put into practice all that he learned in bible school.  Our kids are involved in various activities to which I have become a shuttle service – ushering them back and forth to dance class and baseball practice.  It has a been a joy to see them take to something they enjoy.


first season of baseball

Speaking of enjoying…. we are thoroughly enjoying having all the space we have here.  Coming from a 900 sq ft apartment, our old house feels HUGE.  The kids are literally running themselves silly on all the land.  I love watching them adven


the girl loves lipstick!

ture across the acreage.  It presents such great educational opportunities!  We’ve talked about birds and birdhouses, snakes by the creek, deer in the backyard, a various smattering of bugs (to which my son screams to high heaven if he thinks he might come in contact with any said bug), and red wasps….. (That last one seems to be a doozy for us.  I forgot how big those suckers are here!  Like a B52 coming in for a landing…) and of course a garden 🙂 We have planted a ginormous garden this spring and are now officially seeing the seeds sprout.  I can’t wait to share all our experiences with this new-found farm life – pretty sure there are some chickens in our future 🙂


the mean tire swing we installed

Lastly, we are expecting a fourth little bundle of joy.  We found out about a week after we got here.  I kind of had a feeling when we

the nausea face....

the nausea face….

were packing for the move because I noticed that old familiar nausea.  I brushed it off thinking maybe I was just emotional but as it continued to haunt me I figured we ought to check it out 🙂  Sure enough, the test was positive and so we are happily welcoming a new baby in October.  I’m not quite sure my mind has wrapped itself around this truth yet, but we are excited all the same.  What a wonderful blessing!


sweet sister

As I write, I am currently a little sad.  Transition is difficult.  We have had to say goodbye (or see you less often) to some amazing people.  I miss them so much!  Friendship is priceless in my book and we had a great community of friends.  Of course, we gained our families in moving here.  I have a precious sister that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Her kids and my kids are besties, no doubt.  But, I find myself in that weird place of trying to get to know/reconnect with old friends whom you haven’t seen in 4 years and missing the ease and comfort of the friends I’ve cherished over the last 4 years.  Ever been there?

Transition the word itself implies a sort of “not here or there” kind of place.  And that is where I find myself.. not here and not there.  By definition it is “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”.  Doesn’t sound like a super fun place huh.  It’s not right now… And that’s OK because the other thing it implies is movement.  I would rather be moving than be stagnant.  Stagnant water stinks…  movement means growth.  As much as we would love for things to stay the same, sometimes they can’t, and sometimes they shouldn’t.  I tell my kids all the time how I wish they could stay little forever.  And although I would love for them to be babies forever, they would miss out on all the treasures and challenges of growth and I would miss out on seeing the adults that they will surely become.  It’s those same treasures and challenges of growth that we are hoping to see during this transitional phase for our family.  We are committed to press forward to what the Lord has for us.  Sometimes tears accompany our transition and sometimes laughter.  Either way, we are growing 🙂



2 comments on “The Trouble with Transition

  1. Caralyn
    May 7, 2013

    Oh I so, so feel ya, sister! Transition is so hard! And I so miss those easy, comfy friendships, especially yours! Looking forward to our reunion this summer! Love you!

    • annambowman
      May 7, 2013

      Love you too Caralyn! And definitely looking forward to the reunion 🙂

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